Patriot Xporter XT 32GB stick exposed

Fuad Abazovic:
"We had the opportunity to test a small storage giant. Patriot was one of the first to materialize a 32GB memory stick and even if it looks a bit thicker than most of the smaller sticks, it still fits your pocket perfectly.

This is not all, the rubber case is water and shock resistant and it will write files at an average speed of 9.33MB/s."

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XENOCIDE4036d ago

That's insane, I'd like to have it tho. Bit too pricey tho, even with all it's features n' convenience.

smokysmoke4036d ago

Yea i agree that is a really good thing to have but probably expensive, but for the size thats sick!

Kakkoii4036d ago

I'd love to have one of these. If only I wasn't so poor lol.

It would be nice to skip like 10-20 years in the future and see like a 1TB memory stick lol. Now that would be crazy. And only 5 dolla! XD.

jaja14344036d ago

See screw all the HD/BR format crap. Just happily put my HD movie onto this happy little stick and all will be well in the world.

xplosneer4036d ago

I don't like Digital Downloads but down the line if these things become as cheap as a 512MB card is today then that I'll take. Pop it in and watch. Simple. (Not to mention you can carry a lot in your pockets)

Sarick4035d ago

If your downloads are 30 gig a pop I don't think everyone will have the broadband capacity fill these things up. Seriously a lot of ISPs already have 3 gigabyte limits and all that. I think has news about people getting isp ban for being bandwidth hogs.

Sure 35gb is a lot. If your planning to fill these up with the average broadband you'll have patience of a saint, unless your on fiber.

Anyway I'd use it as a backup device if it was affordable.

BrianC62344035d ago

Screw your talk. This stick won't solve the movie problem. How are you going to get that HD movie you want to put on the memory stick? Huh? Are you going to download it off the Web? Have you ever tried downloading a 1GB file? It takes a lot of time. An HD movie is a lot bigger than 1GB too. And if you download files like that a lot your ISP will probably cancel your account or triple your monthly bill.

Kakkoii4035d ago

Sarick, BrianC6234:

I don't know where your living in the world. But here in Canada and Usa. 3-10mb connections are very common.

And if you go with a internet connection threw your tv cable, you can even get a 25mb connection.

I currently have a cheap 3mb connection. And can download 1gb easily in under an hour. With your simple phone line, people can get up to 10mb connections with some ISP's.

And also, with my ISP. Telus. I get a 60gb monthly upload limit. And a 60gb monthly download limit. But I was told the upload limit is the only one that really matters.

Good connections are getting cheap these days, just in time to grow with the size of data storage.

jaja14344035d ago


I thought it would be obvious (silly me), but you would simply buy the USB instead of a disc. Lets see, faster loading times, easy access(what these days doesn't have a USB drive) and none of this format war crap.

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Omegasyde4035d ago

Wow, one small step for man, one giant step for storing "nrop".

I am sure the price tag will be hefty.