Pick & Play: March 11-17

So, everyone cooled down from Mass Effect Mania? Yes? No? We've got a diverse week coming up and I want you all in tip-top shape. Publishers are throwing everything at you from sports to RPGs, party games, and even (dare I say it?) flight sims. Yes, someone has made a flight simulator in this day and age, and it's coming out this week. Maybe it'll be enough to distract me from the pants-wetting terror of this week's horror offerings. And, with that unsettling mental image, we're off:

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ritsuka6662411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I pass in Silent Hill "Dowpoor" ( this game get a poor 4.5/10 review in IGN)

Anyway, to be honest the only game I feel is worth my time in this month is Tales of Graces f and Resident Evil racoon city...

bunnyformulax2411d ago

cannont wait for resident evil raccoon city!

Son_Lee2411d ago

March 11-17 is Silent Hill Downpour and Tales of Graces F.

March 20 is Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City and Silent Hill HD Collection.