Witcher 2 developer on Skyrim, "fake choices" and "serious consequences"

CD Projekt talks to OXM about why open world RPGs struggle to deliver meaningful narratives.

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Bimkoblerutso2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Man, I never like seeing developers trash talk each other, especially when I love both developers so much.

ThichQuangDuck2413d ago

If you love skyrim you can still admit that what they say is true

Bimkoblerutso2413d ago

It's a different brand of storytelling. That's all. They can both be equally effective in their own ways.

Obviously games like the Witcher and Mass Effect deliver a much more traditional definition of "narrative," but Skyrim's narrative comes from more than just it's quests. It comes from exploring some random cave or tricking a dragon into attacking a giant, or freezing a bear and watching it roll down a cliff. The journey IS the narrative.

Saladfax2413d ago

There's not even a hint of criticism in his tone; he's just saying exactly what the situation is. In fact, the big take-away point is that a massively open-end game just can't have that kind of massive story consequences that are directly visible in the world itself.

Bimkoblerutso2413d ago

^Yeah, you're right about that. I was probably overreacting.

ThichQuangDuck2413d ago

Yeah that is what I am trying to convey, skyrim made it seem like you were making a difference but you won't. It was the illusion of non linear but rather linear when it came to the actual quest. So if you asked your friend how they completed a quest it would be exactly the same it is just the option of whether they did or did not do the quest or did or did not explore some part of the map. The story was more what you did in the game than the narrative. It was not meant to say skyrim sucks but it can be repetitive and non rewarding for some people including myself due to the kill this at the arrow over and over

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Perkel2413d ago

@ bimkoblerutso

"Man, I never like seeing developers trash talk each other, "

well you obviously didn't bother to read it.

There is no trash talking in text.

ThichQuangDuck2413d ago

Skyrims choices were all fake it was a extremely linear game with linear quest with just the order to do them. With choices giving the same outcome and that is why I sold it and am excited for witcher 2.

SuperLupe2413d ago

I dont own Skyrim and not planning too anytime soon. Sorry but I just dont see how one can sink in 50+ hours in a game with no story unless its a car sim, sports game etc.

Kept my bucks for the Witcher 2.

banjadude2413d ago

Oh boy.. more developer drama. :S

Perkel2413d ago

oh boy... someone didn't even bother to look at that interview.

banjadude2412d ago

I did, and while CDProjekt wasn't as confrontational as the title of the article would have suggested, they were still being critical of Skyrim.

There's no need to be snarky and immature, Perkel.

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