10 Games that Shaped the Modern Console Scene (with Videos)

GameDynamo - "As surely as spring follows winter, the rumblings of a new generation of video game consoles are once more upon us. To make sense of the future, however, we must first understand the past. Let us therefore take a break from trying to make sense of the Wii U and look back at the games of earlier console generations that shaped the scene we know and love today."

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caseh2437d ago

Agreed with most of those games until I saw what was at no.1 ugh. Its just a commercial rip of of Konami's Guitar Freaks which was a far better game.

Outside of that how can you not include CoD4. Personally i'm not a fan of CoD games but most will agree that CoD4 raised a hurdle that no other FPS could jump. Not even now years after its release.