Kinect shows off games for every gamer at the Microsoft Spring Showcase

There were plenty of Kinect games to see at the recent Spring Showcase event held at the end of last month, demonstrating that there are games for all gamers including the Kinect shy.

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bunt-custardly2437d ago

Steel Battalion is high on my list now, makes a change to have something to look forward to from Kinect... not that there's not loads of titles, but still, a game that may be worth some anticipation at least.

Intentions2437d ago

This [about Steel Battalion, fyi I don't own Kinect but it doesn't hurt to look at these games].

These games look promising imo.

Gearshead752437d ago

Looking forward to a few of those on the list...Kinect Star Wars wasn't exactly what I was expecting, but being a Star Wars nerd I have to play it at least once. Steel Battalion looks to be an amazing game, but I've been noticing that it looks like an on-rails shooter...I just hope the controls make up for it. Diabolical Pitch is interesting and I can see my nephews and myself playing this a bunch. Looks like M$ is really pushing the Kinect across the board. Spring Showcase didn't really show anything but Kinect titles (besides Halo 4 and Forza Horizon).

FlashXIII2437d ago

Steel Battalion actually looks really interesting.. on-rails would completely kill whatever interest I have in the game though.

humbleopinion2436d ago

Still nothing that pushes me to actually buy the device for 100$.