The Gamerchix's meet up with Steve and Rusty from XBL Radio

Our 5 Gamer chiX's indlude Frantic PMS, QoC, GamergirlSB, Worried Weasel and Catalina PMS.
* This super packed show talks about Saints Row from the ladies perspective.
* Microsofts approach to women: Is there more they can do?
* Girl Exclusive Lobbys and Gamer Zones: Are they necessary?
* Why no WNBA or Womens World Cup Games?
* Fewer female characters in the latest game releases: Why?
* XBL Arcade titles or full CD titles? Which do they play more?
* This, and whatever else the conversation brings up!

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Darth Gamer5851d ago

I've played Worried Weasel in Backgammon a few times. Kinda Cool. I don't remember if I won or if she kicked my butt.