Armored Core 5 has gone gold, ready for March release

Namco-Bandai has announced that their mech sim Armored Core 5 has gone gold and is on target for its 20th March release date in North America, with its Europe release coming on the 23rd.

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slavish2413d ago

i really want to know more about multi-player. is it full co-op. i love games made by from software

Captain Qwark 92412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

me too, they are one of the best devs. my personal fav tied with bioware

also im pretty sure every mission is full co-op but im not 100% sure about the rest of the mp and how it works. ill get back to you next week lol

JonahFalcon2413d ago

Here's a video of co-op in the Japanese version.