New Item for Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Dragoon

Super Smash Bros. DOJO!! have revealed a new item for the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Brawl game for the Nintendo Wii - the Dragoon.

"It's broken into three parts:
Dragoon Part A, the nosecone...
Dragoon Part B, the hull...
and Dragoon Part C, the tail."

"Hit an opponent who has one of the Dragoon parts to make him drop it like a fumble. You also drop the parts when you lose a life. If you want to get a part in hand, then beat on your opponent!

The same can be said for Smash Balls-those, too, are items that everyone really wants badly, so the scramble can be quite funny!

The joy of finally getting all three. Your enemies doing whatever they can to flee. It's like we've added a delicious new spice, so I hope you'll enjoy it during multiplayer matches."

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xplosneer4570d ago

I remember riding this through Kirby Air ride quite a few times.

wiizy4569d ago

nintendo is thinking up everything imaginable for this game... its going to be huge

mintaro4569d ago

how big will it be?

so big! that it's gonna replace russia for biggest piece of land!!
eh! eh!

its gonna be good.......