Pre-Owned isn't in EA's Vocab

A brief thought provoking entry on the future of buying video games.

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kingPoS2412d ago

Soo I guess that means that games no longer in production can go to the highest bidder.

Time to hit up Ebay!

kevnb2412d ago

soon enough everything will go digital distribution, which will phase that problem out after awhile for the most part.

AntoineDcoolette2412d ago

not very thought provoking article lol

kma2k2412d ago

It was inevtiable for me but eventually anyone who follows the buy used return for another used game or new game over & over & over are wasting your money. I went with gamefly over two years ago now & have had over $4500 (used game prices) worth of games shipped to me for only the $600 or so ive paid them. Think about that i would have spent OVER $4500 getting the games ive gotten from gamefly, make the switch man!

My defining moment was having a garage sale & selling all my old ps2 games for like $40 for 20 of them & i came to realise in 5-10 years im going to do the same thing with my ps3 games so why am i buying these things....lightbulb i started gamefly the next day & laugh at the savings!

techspce2412d ago

I think that depends on the person. For me, I go through phases. It took me 6 months to eventually get through mass effect one this summer. For someone like me, and a lot of people I imagine, paying 50 or so dollars for a gamefly subscription over that time versus the 9 dollars I paid for the game used saved me a lot of money. I also have a hard time believing you get anything accomplished playing over 200 games the pas 2 years. You are obviously an anomaly. I can't even comprehend playing 7 games a month.

kma2k2412d ago

Ive "only" played 108 games :) i average 1 game per week or 4 a month. When you take into consideration a lot of games are like 4-5 hours now its not that far fetched. But i understand what you are saying & agree with you its not for everyone. But in my defense i do have a full time job, a wife, & a 3 year old son so im not exactly that guy who lives in his moms basement playing video games all day either lol