Xbox Live Arcade Sales, Week Ending 12/29/07

December 29th, 2007 -- VG Chartz has the latest weekly sales estimates for all currently available Xbox Live Arcade titles. The titles are ranked by units sold for the week. Other figures are: each title's cost (price), revenue (sales), release date, total launch-to-date units sold, and total launch-to-date revenue. These charts are based and compiled off of achievement traffic.

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BIGBAER4038d ago (Edited 4038d ago )

Arcade is a great place to be.... for both the game developer, and the gamer. There is just about something for everyone as Live Arcade has a great variety in titles.

There is no way anyone can knock $114,579,606 in sales to date. And from digital downloads at that!

I've purchased 35 arcade games to date and I love them all!

Take a look at Arcade's first million seller baby, tha classic card game UNO:

Uno 4,776 (wk)
$5.00 (cost)
$23,882 (wk's earnings)
05/09/06 (released on)
1,093,567 (YTD sales)
$5,467,839 (earnings to date)

5.5 million dollars earned from an Arcade game! Nice.

Virtually all of the the big (and small!) gaming houses are working on games for XBOX LIVE Arcade. There's money to be made in Arcade digital downloads. Low overhead + high possible returns = money making potential!

tomfoolery4038d ago

that just got pulled off of this site in a hurry?
It was calling that Japenese guy who created it a Sony fanboy and
a bad businessman by not bringing it to the 360.

I mean it was there one second........and then it was gone.


I'm curious if anyone else caught that?