Games Don't Have to be Fun

What exactly should a game make you feel? Every time I jump on the unsuspecting head of a Goomba, there’s a sense of joy that sneaks into my gullet. In a Mario game, the goal is fun in its purest form, which is expertly achieved with each and every platform jumped. On the other hand, I was on the absolute edge of my worn, plush bedroom chair during certain scenes in Heavy Rain. Both Ethan Mars and I were tested to our limits throughout the brutal trials of the Origami Killer, instilling both fear and anxiety within me. The entire game left a deep, emotional impact on me, but I didn’t have a lick of fun.

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LOL_WUT2409d ago

I LOL at title if a game is not fun then why even play it?

MrMister2409d ago

Such a simple mind...why not try reading the article before you over-zealously post? Oops, i'm sorry if the big word I used hurts your head.

kaveti66162409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

What a snobbish thing to say.

The article is stupid. You think if a game is fun then it cannot be thought-provoking, cannot be saddening, cannot be poignant?

There is no good excuse for a game not being fun. If it has all the elements except for fun, it has still failed to motivate me to play.

Games can be fun AND... whatever else you want them to be.

You think if a game is fun then what... it's mindless? It has no point to make? Bioshock was fun for me, and it had a lot of other points going for it. It was depressing, it was moody, it was an excellent social/political commentary on humanity.

Fun is an abstract term. =Fun it means it's entertaining. If a video game is not fun, it's not entertaining, and if I'm not entertained, then I'm not going to play it. If a developer made a game with a particular message and couldn't get that message across in a fun/amusing/entertaining sort of way, then he failed.

Games have to be fun just like movies have to be watchable and books have to be legible.

MrMister2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Yes, Just like Journey. That game wasn't exactly "fun", it was more of an EXPERIENCE. I was gripped by the saddening feeling of loneliness, and actually jumped for joy when someone would pop on my screen online. It really is an amazing piece of interactive art. But it isn't exactly fun. It was an eye opening experience of what complete utter loneliness would feel like. The Bible is an amazing book, and if you believe in it it will evoke many things in you. But it wasn't meant to be a "fun" read, but it's still the top selling, most read, revered book in the world.

xflo3602409d ago

Agreed! Most of my fave games of all time were experiences.
Tomb raider, metroid prime, ico, ff7 none of these were particularly fun but they were all amazing experiences.

Outside_ofthe_Box2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

Whether or not something is "fun" is subjective. Name a book or game that is "meant" to be fun and I'm sure I can find people that don't find it fun.

I'm pretty sure if I were to ask people that enjoyed reading the bible if it is fun to read there will be several that will say yes it is.

What if someone doesn't enjoy the EXPERIENCE journey provides, but happens to find the game fun, does that mean that they are doing it wrong? Or is enjoying the experience and having fun with the game essentially the same thing?

CynicalVision2409d ago

The article makes a good point, Heavy Rain was a fantastic game but it wasn't really fun in that sense because it wasn't supposed to be.

I'm hoping Kara (if that ever becomes a game) will provide the same experience.

ThePsychoGamer2409d ago

Agreed, Most gamers forget that there is a difference between fun and entertaining. Untimely a game has to be entertaining, weather it goes about method by being mindless fun like Mario games , or goes for a entertaining story heavy method like VNs do should not be used to criticize a game.

OhReginald2409d ago

Fun= Enjoyment, amusement.

Entertainment= The action of providing amusement or enjoyment.

Straight from the dictionaries bro.

Outside_ofthe_Box2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

lol If you don't want to take OhReginald's word for it then here:



Fun and entertainment are synonyms. Just in case you don't know the definition of synonym:


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