Journey - Sony announces Midnight Sale

Sony today announced a special Midnight Sale for Journey in Europe.

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Bimkoblerutso2410d ago

Aw, no US midnight release?

BlackPrince 422410d ago

I'd love for them to do that here as well. Not like it costs anything.

It'll be depressing when this gets outsold by some map pack for a shooter that'll be irrelevant come this November.

Luc202410d ago

For me it was a beautilful Journey and am going to re play this game many times to get all the trophies. The online coop is great. Was so happy to meet ppl in the lonely desert Now anyone whos not a psn+ can get it.

MysticStrummer2410d ago

Doesn't effect me here in Texas but I can't wait until tomorrow night.

Rampaged Death2410d ago

This is great news. I hope it comes with the theme as well since we didn't get the pre order deal.

Lirky2409d ago

I think any pre-ordered ps3 psn games should get a midnight/mid-day release it would be easier than waiting till the ps store updates, But its not any of our decisions lol its up to the "corporations".