Syndicate Review at CalmDownTom

CalmDownTom says, "When Starbreeze handed The Darkness 2 off to Digitial Extremes, there was a worry that the Darkness series would be the one that suffered while whatever Starbreeze made would live up to their usual high standards. With The Darkness 2 being such a surprising and unqualified success, hopes were high that Starbreeze could create something as good as previous titles like Chronicles of Riddick or the original Darkness game. When they announced that they were remaking the classic but niche title Syndicate (but as an FPS), scepticism surfaced. Gamers are particularly resistant to classic titles being remade in different genres, particularly if the new genre is an FPS. Could Starbreeze elevate the crusty old Syndicate franchise into a cutting edge modern FPS while retaining the atmosphere and flavour of the original? The answer is no, but they have nonetheless managed to make a good game."

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