Unreal Engine 4 Reveal With New Hardware - Analyst

EEDAR President and CEO Greg Jones has predicted that Epic will publicly unveil Unreal Engine 4 alongside new console hardware. As Epic has said it will show more of the engine later in 2012, does this mean that an Xbox 720/ PS4 reveal isn't far off? More details at NowGamer.

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Feckles2414d ago

So, does this mean we'll be seeing Unreal Engine 4 powering a new Epic game on the Xbox 720 at E3?

Grap2414d ago

I think it's the next Xbox... GeOW?? anyone?

CoolBeansRus2413d ago

Most likely. If they are going to reveal the thing they need to show what it can do. Can you imagine them just showing the case? LOL funny. "hey folks we designed this on the way here"

i wish E3 was in may though. I hate the wait. I hope the dam thing is not over 800 dollars too. IDK, a lot of questions. Will sony let MSFT get a jump on them again? Will nintendo be the star of the show or will Sony and MSFT stop them? SOOO Many questionS! Halo 4 coming out in dec? No 720 in december if so, why would they not release it for the 720!?!!?! IDK!

LX-General-Kaos2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Yes hopefully with Unreal Tournament 4 to compliment the new engine. One of the greatest shooter series of all time. If it is announced hopefully this time around people actually support it online.

I dont know how it worked out on PC, but it was left for dead on consoles. Hopefully we dont have a repeat of that.

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arjman2413d ago

Why just the 720? They should go multiplat since it benefits all gamers

Mkai282413d ago

Because rumor has it that Sonys PS4 will be a no show at e3 2012. Besides, I believe they are using the 720 aka" Durango" to show off what it's engine is capable on the next consoles nothing more and likewise vice versa.

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fastrez2414d ago

Interesting, and makes sense seeing so many console games are using Unreal 3 right now. Presumably they will make the transition to Unreal 4 as well. Question is, what will be the first next-gen console game to use it?

I'm excited to see which one it is.

ape0072414d ago

I can only Imagine how Epic can UE 4 be (if it's in the right hands of course)

Noticeably_FAT2414d ago

Didn't we see something about Nintendo and the Wii U being able to use Unreal Engine 4? Its probably them, but I bet the Xbox 720 has been getting its fair share of games developed with it too. Gears Exile most likely.

jdktech20102414d ago

I would almost bet money that's a launch title if the box releases in holiday 2013. They always give their big franchises the holiday season and it just makes sense.

OmegaSaiyanX2414d ago

The first game showed how amazing the visuals can look, the 2nd one failed on delivering on improved graphics and destruction and the 3rd one shows visuals and destructable environments with a solid single player and a much improved online mode.

Gears 3 on the 360 shows what they can now pull off with the unreal 3 engine on a console so would be interesting to see what Unreal 4 engine looks like.

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The story is too old to be commented.