Anna is the 'Amnesia: The Dark Descent' of 2012; first gameplay footage revealed

DSOGaming writes: "Dreampainters sent us word about the first gameplay trailer of their upcoming adventure game, Anna. After watching the trailer, I have to note that Anna looks heavily inspired by Frictional Games’ masterpiece, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Which is a good thing, mind you. In fact, Anna could be the Amnesia of 2012. Well, that is if Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs doesn’t hit its 2012 release date. Still, we have to congratulate the indie team of Dreampainters for their work. Anna is atmospheric as hell, is good looking (even though the footage from the trailer is WIP), stays true to the adventure spirit, and looks really interesting. Enjoy!"

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thetest2501d ago

Why is it lagging and stutering?

Forbidden_Darkness2501d ago

Possibly because it's a -work in progress-? I certainly would hope they fix that before the game releases atleast.

Mopaw2501d ago

I'm not sure how this possibly compares to Amnesia.

BraveToaster2501d ago

I'm guessing because it's a first person survival horror with a good atmosphere.

john22501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Let's see:

1) Similar sound tricks to create a tense atmosphere
2) Similar control mechanics/interactivity
3) Similar physics
4) Similar atmospheric effects (at 1:01 with the candles)
5) Similar paranormal effects

kevnb2501d ago

looks like amnesia without any of the atmosphere or excitement.

pr0digyZA2501d ago

looked more penumbra to me.