Mass Effect 3's ending: Why the backlash is idiotic - but inevitable

(Spoiler free) After 130 hours, there was never going to be an ending to satisfy fans...

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dedicatedtogamers2507d ago

Hmm, let me think of many other endings that were satisfying.

MGS4 was pretty darn satisfying, IMO, and someone can easily sink 100+ hours into the entire series.

Heck, let's just look at Bioware's own back catalog. Did KotOR have a satisfying ending? Yes. Did the BG series have a satisfying ending? HECK YES. Did DA: Origins have a satisfying ending? Yes.

jony_dols2507d ago

I liked the general concepts of ME3's endings. But they were very poorly executed, and were riddled with potholes. It was a mediocore end to a great series, and a great game.

JaredH2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

It seems to me that none of these articles take into account the things that people hate the ending for that's not just it's mood. They actually think people are whining when there's actually some legit reasons to dislike the ending that I'm sure most people know about on here by now. I guess the poll with 30000 votes make them think this by it wanting a brighter ending.

Of course people are overreacting with "demand" used in the fb group but I'm disappointed in the end for actual reasons and not just that it's not a fairy tale ending. I could care less is everyone dies or something(not a spoiler) as long as the ending made sense and had closure which it didn't. But according to all these articles people who dislike the ending are just a bunch of whiny self entitled idiots who don't just want a sensible and coherent ending to a great trilogy that they're invested in.

hellvaguy2507d ago

It's human nature to be jealous of successful ventures and successful people. And if you can just one up them in some way, even if its a small morale victory, it makes alot of people feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Just look at other popular things that are cool to hate on. NY Yankees, any rich movie star, etc. It's like the wolves just sit back licking thier chops and wait for the slightest opening to go after.

BraveToaster2507d ago

You're 100% right. It's completely impossible for someone to just dislike something. They must be jealous! That totally makes a lot of sense

hellvaguy2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

So people giving metacritic scores of 0/10 before ME3 was even released, is just disliking something then? Hmmmm seems a bit more extreme to me than just that.

wallis2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

This article makes blatant assumptions that completely ignore the points that fans are making. Lots of games are very long and have very satisfying endings it's nothing to do with hours put in it's simply that in terms of narrative the endings are piss poor and completely negate the whole mechanic of decisions because at the end of the day it hardly bloody matters.

But I understand that it's cool to oppose the popular idea, and I understand that for some reason games journalists (despite making their living off of ripping into other peoples' work) are absolutely intent on telling us we're wrong for thinking what we think. Nothing says the ending couldn't satisfy the majority of fans. The reality is Bioware have cocked up but for some reason all the major websites just completely ignore this because mass effect 3 is awesome. This is what's wrong with games journalism. When a game is a 10/10 it's absolutely perfect and no one can complain about it and if they do they're ungrateful horrible little fanboys.

Well sorry CVG just because you're head was too far up your own ass to smell the reality of mass effect 3's short comings doesn't mean everyone else is wrong and you're right. This isn't a case of wanting to rip on something popular it's simply a case of highlighting the short comings of a game that promised to deliver. There's nothing wrong with this and it's absolutely hilarious that it's the CRITICS who are running around and lampooning anyone for raising legitimate issues. The game isn't perfect and the fans are entitled to their opinions. These aren't people who want to tear a game to shreds for the fun of it they're people who've sank 70 hours into the damn thing after paying hundreds of dollars on a system to play it on, as well as 60-70 dollars just to buy the damn thing. NOT counting the previous entries in the series! This isn't narrow minded bitterness it's just people being pissed off over something they care about.

But of course don't you DARE listen to the criticisms voiced by the thousands of people playing the game. You should only listen to the criticisms fed to you by the reviews and critics.

Megaton2507d ago

Seems to be a running theme. Anyone who has insulted the people who don't like the ending hasn't listened to the complaints. They generalize people as nerds who don't want a sad ending.

Problem is that it's full of plot holes and lacks any kind of explanation of the consequences and impact of your choice. It seems rushed and cut.

KingOfOldSkool2507d ago

I completely agree. The backlash from critics towards gamers despite the legitimacy of their anger is unprecedented.. there has not been a day that has gone by since ME3 released that I have not seen a few "professional" game critics taking swings at anyone who dare vocalize displeasure towards it. I keep seeing their rants about how complaining gamers are insatiable, childish and suffer from various entitlement issues.. but from my view though, the highest amount of immaturity surrounding the ME3 controversy has actually stemmed from the industry and its critics.. not the consumers playing the game.

dkp232507d ago

We live in a world of complaining. I am playing ME3 now, not sure what the ending is so far since im probably only about 14 hours in. Whatever the case may be, whatever ending they thought up, they thought up, that is part of the story and it was there decision.

The game itself is pretty awesome, people probably need to play fable 2 and fable 3 to realize how good you have it with ME3 vs those two games that had terrible endings and story.

Doesn't matter what it is, the are always complainers.

MrMister2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I don't like your assumption that people who voice a displeasure at something automatically makes them complainers. HOWEVER, I do agree that if you play a game series for this many years, you have to respect the way it's ended. EVERYONE thinks they can tell a better story, but you know what? You don't have the attention of the whole gaming community--Bioware does, and if they wanna end it that way, then the least you can do is let it go, or ask for a minor extension beyond the ending (since I heard it ended so abruptly (dont spoil it for me!!!). But it's their story, so they can end it how they like. As for the DLC though, I don't believe they should withhold gameplay that is already completed, is needed for a proper experience/ending, and then charge you $10 for it. That's where it becomes abuse when you don't listen to your fans and determine that you can do whatever you want because it's "your" [aka Bioware's] game. Once I payed $60 for it, then it's MY game, and all the content in the disc is MINE since I paid for it. So paying more for that is now unfair. THAT kind of a disagreement would not fall under complaining. THAT is simply standing up for whats right.

I think that when people play a game (especially an RPG) all day and night and beat it before it's even been out a week, then they havent really enjoyed the game properly, so of course the ending is dissapointing--your ONLY goal is to get the ending if you played it like that. You totally missed the purpose of experiencing an entire galaxy worth of characters/missions. You just kept pushing towards the end. Maybe if those people played it more slowly the first time, they would've appreciated the WHOLE game.

SneeringImperialist2507d ago

I'm sick of BioWares little fanboy apologist's, wake up and smell the coffee you drones.

Xof2507d ago

To be fair, most of the people whining about people complaining about the (shitty, shitty) ending usually preface their opinions with something like, "I haven't actually finished the game, but--"

How they think they can have a legitimate opinion is beyond me.

PersonaCat2507d ago

^this. Your opinion automatically doesn't count if you haven't even seen the ending lol. But even once they do, there fanboy love will put them so much in denial they won't be able to come back here and admit it.

SneeringImperialist2506d ago

***********EPIC SPOILERS IN THE COMMENT***********
**********Warning for people who haven't********* **************finished it yet*********************

The latest excuse is that the ending is supposedly all a dream as Shepard didn't really make it to the citadel. and is laying in the rubble unconscious after harbinger blasted everyone with that beam that explanation makes sense but it still doesn't explain alot of other things.

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