Mario Galaxy 3 is difficult to imagine - Nintendo

Koichi Hayashida, the director of Super Mario Galaxy 2, has said it would be difficult to imagine that Nintendo would make a follow-up to the Wii masterpiece using leftover ideas from the plumber's platformer.

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Thepcz2438d ago

mario galaxy 1 was classic. i always said mario galaxy 2 was just milking it. So glad they will move on now.

Hisiru2438d ago

You are crazy or you never played galaxy 2. Galaxy 2 is MUCH better than the first game (gameplay, graphics, level design, powerups etc).

Thepcz2438d ago

lol i completed mario galaxy 2. and i do own it. that doesn't mean i can't criticise it.

It was a great game, but there was no need for it, it had all been done in the first game.

I was in second minds about even buying galaxy 2, so if a 3rd came out i simply wouldn't buy it.

as i said, im glad nintendo agree with me, and know that there is simply no new ground to cover with another galaxy game.

Hisiru2438d ago

"it had all been done in the first game. "

Looks like you never played the first game. Level designs are totally differnts (it's not just about the sidescrolling levels, there is more).

Rayko2438d ago

I didn't like Mario Galaxy that much either. However, part 2 was better than the first.

Let's move back to the castle, or Santas world or whatever, but please, don't go back to space again.

Nugan2438d ago

I loved both Mario Galaxy games, but I agree that it's a good idea to move on.

One of the smartest aspects of the main Mario series is the way that it is reimagined for every console generation. Wouldn't want that to change.

--Onilink--2438d ago

both Mario galaxy games were amazing, some of the best this gen, but it would definetely be better to get a change of scenery

Primal Rex2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

Mario galaxy 3 on the Wii u as a lauch title would make the best sense.History has shown that a Nintendo console lauching without a decent Mario title have struggled at lauch the Gamecube and 3DS for instance

mcstorm2438d ago

That is not quite true as the Wii did not have a Mario Game when it came out.

The 3DS struggled because of the price and lack of a big name game from Nintendo plus Pokémon was just released on the DS around the same time. I see the big N brining out a big name like Zelda, Mario Kart ect with the wii U though.

mamotte2438d ago

Nintendo rarely make direct sequels, the only exceptions would be Majora's Mask and Galaxy 2. So this is nothing new, maybe making a new game from scratch is hard and difficult, but thats how they do things.