World of Warcraft – Mists of Pandaria: Pandaria to fix Talent system once and for all

GameBandits: "“Once and for all.” I love the tone of that phrase. If you can’t get a sense of finality, certainty, and absoluteness from that phrase, I don’t know what will do the trick."

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bobrea2414d ago


Seriously? I stopped playing WoW years ago, but if I had still been playing, this certainly would have made me quit.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2414d ago

Last tried WoW around Burning Crusade's. Remember being over the genre. If I hadn't been tho, Pandas would have been the breaking point.

krontaar2414d ago

The last two expansions were pretty bad, hopefully this one is decent.

Aaroncls72414d ago

"Once and for all"


WoW has been forever plagued by the ugly ghost of class imbalance, they have done and undone talent trees countless times, always resulting in more than once class to take it up the ass.

For a company that has been making billions of dollars a year since it was released they have been terribly bad at keeping their consumers satisfied.

No graphical enhancements, no new character models, massive mainstream changes, eternal class imbalance, unfair forced changes, greatly delayed fixes, and much, much more.

What pissed people of the most was that Blizzard would always have and still has some whiny excuse to justify their failures.

Wow has been incredibly successful and has built the blueprint of the modern mmo (not by being 100% original, though) but they have left a colossal number of disappointed players.

For those that still play, good luck.

admiralthrawn872414d ago

wacky gnomes,little goblins, druid bears, thats all fine. but pandas...ohhh nooo. normal black and brown bears are cool but make them pandas and everyone calls foul.

the game is so huge that one aesthetic race being a bear will not affect it at all. people just love to find things to bitch about with this game. same as cod or halo or anything that gets popular, even with music. if you can't feel cool and different (hipster) for playing it, then it's lame. everyone has this weird innate sense that they are unique and don't want to fit in to a crowd. WoW is the best MMO right now and pandarians as a playable race isn't going to change that. it does not affect the game at all. complain about something more viable, like talent systems and new classes.