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Those of you who have been reading my reviews for the past decade know that I love Bioware. The Baldur’s Gate series, the MDK series, the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series, Jade Empire, and the Dragon Age series are all visible from where I sit. They represent one of the few times I’ve felt truly starstruck when visiting a game studio, despite having gone to a great many over the years. Bioware makes the games that I love to play, and other than Blizzard, they represent the only developer that makes games that I buy sight-unseen. The secret is right there for all to see – Bioware takes great pride in their work, and it shows in every game they launch.

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Captain Qwark 92413d ago

i agree with this score 100%, such an amazing game.

luoshuigui2413d ago

i'd give it a 9 out of 10, laziness(face code transfer, technical issues,etc) minus 0.5, ending minus 0.5

Captain Qwark 92413d ago

sounds reasonable, the import thing would bother me too if my dumb ass didn't lose my old saves and was able to import. I haven't beat it yet so i cant comment on the ending but it seems the general consensus is that it blows. i wouldnt be surprised if it does blow anyway, i love biowares games but i have yet to play one with a good ending, they are usually just too short or just dont feel conclusive enough.

my only complaints so far ( about 15hrs in ) would be the animations are a little stiff and some of the human character models don't look that great. very minor things like that which barely take away from the experience for me.

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Krakn3Dfx2413d ago

First 6-8 hours seem really lazy to me, but then it picked it picked up, and I'm hooked again. I'm about 13 hours in now, can't wait til I have more time to play.

BattleTorn2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

I was the opposite. For my first 10hours I was absolutely in love with the game.

then I found out how few squad members there are, and I instantly felt as though I'd played through too much, too soon.

I feel like they made it far too short. And the fact that they added MP to such a lacking SP is just mindblowing.

ME1 had 6 sqaudmates.
ME2 had 10 by default (1 being a choice between 2) + 2 via DLC = total 12.
ME3 has 6 by default (1 being a choice of 2) and +1 via DLC =total 7

How the hell can they go from 6, to 12, to 7.

And in ME3 there's only 2 *new characters, one of which I had to buy. (James is otherwise the only new addition, lame!)

I quickly fell in and out of love with ME3.

Go look at the Character ME Wiki page:

You'll see;

ME1 had (...this much...)
ME2 had (.............this much............)
ME3 has (......this much.....)

FCOLitsjustagame2413d ago

So they had 6 in ME1, tried 12 in ME2 but realized that was way too many to get people the dialogue they wanted and settled on 7 in ME3 (seems like a reasonable compromise considering many people thought ME1 > ME2).

As for new characters, this is the last episode of a trilogy. There should NOT be that many new characters.
Ep. 1 is for setting up main plot and introducing the main characters (Star Wars).

Ep. 2 is for advancing character development and learning more details of the world at large and maybe bringing in a few extra characters to help out the main plot(Empire strikes back).

Ep. 3 is for resolving all the issues and the fate of the characters you came to like (Return of the Jedi).

Can you imagine watching return of the Jedi and suddenly having a bunch of new characters to deal with? Who cares about them, I want to know what happened to the original heroes and maybe a Lando Carission or Boba Fett. There are enough new new minor characters (Turian generals and salarian leaders [ewoks or whatever]) to keep the galaxy living and breathing. I just want to know the fate of the Original 6 and the additional ones from ME2. Seems (so far) the game is doing a good job of that.

chanmasta2413d ago

This game is so over-rated.