Artificial intelligence project builds video games from scratch

Her name is Angelina: she runs on a heavy-duty Mac server and she's building some addictive computer games for you.

Angelina (a tail-recursive acronym for "A Novel Game-Evolving Labrat I've Named ANGELINA") is a project in evolutionary computing by Michael Cook, a PhD candidate at Imperial College in the UK. Angelina generates computer games from scratch. It arrives at a final product by breaking down the important elements of a game into sub-tasks called "species," which together form a whole game. While auto-generating portions of videogames is nothing new to the medium, Angelina expands on the concept to almost fully-automate game development.

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wallis2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

This has been posted before but it's still pretty interesting. Personally I think AI like this will pave the way to a sort of renaissance for creativity. A conversation could exist between a human and an AI allowing for amazing possibilities.

Basically this AI is never going to be able to create moments like Eli Vance's death in half life 2, or the nuke scene in Cod4, but it could make sure that checkpoints are never too far apart, that no weapons are unbalanced or that any levels are simply unplayable. I really think it's the future of game development. How many games get ruined by little flaws despite having a very interesting and talented creative spark at the core? AI like this could stop that from happening and prevent games like Brink from shipping with those few nasty little flaws that cause big gameplay issues.

Felinox2437d ago

Oh computer overlords please rule over us...