Kinect's 2012 line-up: Has Xbox motion gaming finally grown up?

CVG: We try out this year's Kinect games - and come away impressed...

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cstyle2415d ago

"Which is why the system with the most exclusives sell the most worldwide."

If that is true then why is the xbox360 ahead in worldwide sales?

GribbleGrunger2415d ago

because it had a years head start in America and an 18 months headstart in Europe? could that be it do you think? and now has a 3 million lead... work it out

cstyle2415d ago

Sorry but that early launch excuse is getting old. PS3 has been out long enough to have caught and passed the 360. The truth is that exclusives just don't matter as much as some claim.

GribbleGrunger2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

sorry server... but are you a friggin idiot or something? (really couldn't stop myself there, sorry) wllllyyy...

PS3 released 1 year to 18 months later than the 360 (still with meeeee... okkkkkkkkk?)

360 had a 8 million leeeadddddd............ (sorry if i'm going too fast here)

it now has a three million lead (that's five million lost... get it? five million LOST) even though it released 1 year to 18 months earlier........ (oh boy, i seriously know you just can't take this in) goes (oh brother): the PS3 has gone from 8 million behind to 3 million even though it release over a year later. (get it yet?)

the PS3 has outsold the 360 every year and is still doing that for well over three years now (hello... this is ground control to major tom...) sorry lost it there for a moment..


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GribbleGrunger2415d ago

ok, so let's accept that the 'released earlier' excuse is obsolete. where does that leave us? 8 million lead diminished to a 3 million lead and shrinking every week.

no excuses, no reason, just plain facts. now perhaps with that fact in mind, the 360 owners can stop bragging about a shrinking lead and accept that their console is being outsold every year and just God Damn enjoy their machine without making themselves look silly to PS3 owner (and take a breath)

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giovonni2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

I was at best buy the other day and I played The PGA 13 game, and it was a lot of fun, and I don't even like golf. One downer is how you have to stand in front of the kinect, but other than that it was a dope game, and I might have to get that. The Kinect, I disagree with the price tag for games though... Disney Magic Kingdom for 49.99... f%^k out of here!