2K Games & 2K Sports Sale Brings Several OnLive Games to Gamers for Up to 75% Off

OnLive is holding yet another sale this week. From today through next Sunday, the cloud gaming company will be offering 8 different games from Publisher 2K Games for up to 75% off.

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TitanUp4505d ago

wish 2k11 would have gotten a 75% off deal on steam.

chanmasta4505d ago

Lulwut? The 2K Games four day sale ended on Steam literally yesterday. Hmm...


Report: 2K Working on Unannounced Remake

It seems 2K Games is working on an unannounced remake as outed by one of the project's Motion Capture Animator.

RaidenBlack5d ago

Yea ... its an easy but safe route for the new Cloud Chamber studio (maybe?), who's currently handling the Bioshock IP ... then once they've established themselves with the IP, they can do their own Bioshock 4?

Huey_My_D_Long6d ago

Hmmm. 2k has too many franchises to just guess, but bioshock is actually a decent choice.

drcanttouchthis6d ago (Edited 6d ago )

The Darkness 1/2 bundled as a full remake would be a day one for me! JACKIEEEE in The Darkness voice....chills. It didn't age well, but it was an underrated game IMO. I see them choosing Bioshock before anything due to profit potential tho, which makes sense. Fingers still crossed.

CantThinkOfAUsername6d ago

I got The Darkness II for free on Steam and wasn't expecting much, but it blew me away. I loved every minute of the game, especially the characters and the gameplay. And loved the uncertainty they planted with the Shutter Island-like segments. Jackie dropping his lore during loading screens was a feature that I wish caught on with other developers.

Vits5d ago

I'm not sure if they even have the rights for that. The Darkness is a Image Comics IP.

Demetrius6d ago

Doubt it's something most of us actually want lol would be nice tho

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Civilization Mobile: World Origin, a strategy title based on the popular IP, announces CBT in China

Civilization Mobile: World Origin, a strategy title based on the popular IP, has announced a closed beta testing in China.

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Is 2K Games actually making FIFA 25, the next “best” entry yet?

FIFA president Gianni Infantino teases the future of FIFA games in a brand-new interview, and NBA 2K24 studio 2K Games might be behind it.

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Cacabunga47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

I truly hope so.. day one buy

Ninver47d ago

Time for a change. Football games haven't evolved much.

Cacabunga47d ago

It’s tough when there is no competition

Abear2147d ago

There’s PES and now we’ll have FC25 and FIFA so yes, but it is no longer true, shit is about to get real!

Now if we only had two viable options for Basketball and American football we’d be on to something.

MrNinosan47d ago

PES didn't exist since 2020, and the rebranded eFootball is crap.

porkChop47d ago

If what we've heard is true, the reason FIFA games don't change is literally because of FIFA itself rejecting nearly every pitch for new features and mechanics.

anast47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

The barber shop and roulette wheel are going to be awesome.

Abear2147d ago

Pay to win is the new free to play

CrimsonWing6947d ago (Edited 47d ago )

It’ll be monetized to all hell, regardless

StormSnooper47d ago (Edited 47d ago )

Hmmm, let’s see how they do. If they riddle it with microtransactions, hell no. Otherwise, I’m excited.