GAME Struggles To Pay Quarterly Rent Bill - Over 10,000 Jobs At Risk

GamingLives writes: The ever present and mysterious ‘they’ do say that the bigger they are, the harder they fall, and once dominant high street giant, GAME certainly has a long way to plummet. From near dominance of the high street gaming sector, its fortunes have been on the decline of late, as news outlets have been quick to report, and today sees the news that the GAME group has put itself up for sale in an attempt to avoid total collapse. According to a report in the Sunday Times: “Struggling video games retailer Game has put itself up for sale as it tries to raise cash to pay a quarterly rent bill due in a fortnight.” If a buyer can’t be found, then the company will enter administration.

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Prcko2506d ago

o ffs,game is dead??? :(

iamnsuperman2506d ago

It is sad times. Game going down really shows the demise of retail shops for GAME.

LiquidT2506d ago

Very sad news for the economy but good news for the independent retailers who never get any custom. A lot of jobs lost though. Such a shame.

Dazel2506d ago

What independent retailers? Most went bust years ago.

I for one will miss Gamestation, they gave good trade in prices which got spent on new games. Blockbuster are rubbish and now my only port of call now.

mcstorm2506d ago

Its sad new for everyone who works for Game and Gamestation. I worked for Gamestation back in 2003 and it was far better than game back then but since Game got its hands on it the shop has gone way down hill.

Game has killed off Gamestation and they have way to many shops as well. If I just go off Manchester city centre there are 4 Games and there is also a Gamestation in the city centre.

LiquidT2505d ago

I still buy exclusively from independent retailers and haven't bought from GAME, Gamestation or any other large business (HMV etc) for years. It works out more expensive, but I want to support the smaller businesses if I can.

peacesquid2506d ago

Shame but they brought it on themselves.

kevnb2506d ago

at risk? I think they should start looking for another job like last week.

tigertron2506d ago

I'm just glad I was able to spend all my reward points.

Managed to get a £15 itunes voucher and a pre-owned copy of Halo Wars.

This is terrible for those who will lose their jobs though. GAME's demise marks the end of the traditional high street retailer. They simply cannot compete with online retailers who are cheaper and more convenient.

Karum2506d ago

Yeah places like are normally much cheaper than GAME though I did like building up some reward points and did like having a brick and mortar option for the occasional impulse purchase.

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