Are developers killing their franchises?

TVGB: "Can you ever have too many?

It seems a simple enough question. When related to gaming, can too many ever become a bad thing? What I mean is, how long does it take before a series runs dry? How long can these developers keep our interest piqued? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? Instantly, one fairly simple question has become four questions of increasing complexity. There is more however. If certain long running series are surviving, while others crash and burn out of sight, well why is that? What was it about them that we as consumers did not enjoy, or just grew bored of? Let’s have a look at some examples."

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Hellsvacancy2437d ago

Hitman looks to be goin the same way, theyve dropped all previous voice actors, dropped the awesome brains who created ALL music from the previous games, thrown in multiplayer (as to be expected), given 47 super human powers to see through walls (i know it can be turned off), and it looks to be more action packed, explosions and helicopter chases etc

Pushagree2436d ago

Yeah pretty much everything said there is false except for the see through walls part.

TeaDouble_E2436d ago

You serious no Jesper Kyde? His musical score had such influence in the game. Why on earth would they get rid of him?

Rayko2436d ago

capcom killed and is still killing Resident Evil.

dredgewalker2436d ago

If they killed RE, then they definitely destroyed, burned, massacred, decapitated, mutilated Devil May Cry.

manman62436d ago

I don't know about everybody else, but I am excited for AC III. The franchise is far from dead in my eyes.
On the other side, the developer of the new Tomb Raiders seem to be doing a good job bringing that franchise back from the dead.

Skateboard2436d ago

AC III shouldn't be the image of this article, wtf?

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