Mass Effect 3 and consumer responsibility; is there a way we can ensure this doesn't happen again?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Mass Effect 3 has obviously been a very, very controversial release. Some very aggressive DLC on EA’s behalf has turned what should have been a game of the year event into a game tainted by a massive community uproar."

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Summons752410d ago

yes, actually do research on the game, be wary of what a developer did before and most importantly....dont fall into hype.

Clarence2409d ago

Knowone seems to have a problem giving there money away when it comes to the COD/MW franchise. There has been no change in either game. Not only that Every new COD/MW game is essentially full price DLC. Look at how much DLC Activision releases for their garbage 1st person shooter. Im sure its already on the disc when its released.

Mass Effect is a great game. EA handle the release wrong, but ME is still a great game.

TekoIie2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

The COD bash argument was inevitable lol. But I think this is about EA, not Bioware. Who controls marketing? EA. Please people throw that hate on target and think through who is to blame.

After all Bioware is owned by EA...

TekoIie2409d ago

I assume people didn't play the demo, since those complaining could have foreseen this being a game they wouldn't like and not bought it. If you played the demo and didn't like but still bought the game that's your fault. BUT if you liked the demo but not the full game your expectations were clearly too high and you should lower them to ensure you enjoy more games in the future.

PersonaCat2409d ago

The demo didn't show the ending though, which is a big part of the anger towards the game. I don't think anyone is denying that ME3 is a good game.