UK Top 40: Mass Effect 3 outsells ME1, ME2 launch weeks combined

Eurogamer: Stop the presses! Mass Effect 3 is the UK's new all-formats chart number one. But exactly how well did it do? Chart-Track doesn't publicly reveal sales figures, but mentioned Mass Effect 3 was comfortably the biggest game launch of the year so far. It has already outsold the previous four number ones (SSX, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, UFC3 and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning).

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kma2k2413d ago

More proof the new game market benifits from the used game market. How many used game sales of me1 &/or me2 led to people buying new me3 at launch!

Topshelfcheese2413d ago

Actually, its because the launch week for ME3 was on 2 consoles while ME1 and 2 were only on 360 and ME2 came to PS3 much later.

kma2k2413d ago

probably true, but i do have to say i have only 1 friend on my ps3 friends list playing me3 But i have a crap load of people playing it on the 360, granted its a small sample size but i would be very interested to see how many copies are selling on each system. Hell i didnt even know anything about Mass Effect until i got my 360.

NBT912412d ago

Wander how many copies GAME sold?

Ashunderfire862412d ago

Yeah many copies are selling, but wait til they see the ending!!! They will realize their choices do not matter.

MysticStrummer2412d ago

Great. All those sales will now be used by developers as an excuse to dumb down their games, just like people paying to play online, or paying for things like CoD Elite, have led to Online Passes. I don't even blame gamers for this one though. I blame the reviewers who are giving ME3 a high scoring pass when it's the worst of the three, according to everyone I know who has played it. I think about all those comments on N4G about how sad it was that PS3 gamers didn't get to make the choices in ME so the series won't be as good on that platform... lol

gypsygib2412d ago

I know the demo got some of my friends who have never bought a ME game interested...and it's on PS3 now.