Top 10 PlayStation Games

Whatculture: We should start with some honorable mentions; Parappa the Rapper was a quirky rhythm game that nearly made the list. Chorno Cross was apprently very good, perhaps even one of the best, but it’s not my fault it didn’t get released in Europe. Finally Crash Team Racing, for being the Playstation’s answer to Mario Kart, and giving the Sony kids one more reason to win the console argument. Without any further distractions, here is WhatCultures Top 10 Playstation Games of all time, ever, forever:

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Kurt Russell2413d ago

Did anyone else have fond memories of Blast Chamber? When I think of PS1 that game always springs to mind.

Prototype2413d ago

My top 10

1. Street Fighter Alpha 3
2. Rival Schools
3. Einhander
4. Bushido Blade 2
5. Metal Gear Solid
6. Final Fantasy 6
7. Gran Turismo
8. Tekken 3
9. Strider 2
10. Resident Evil 2

HarryMasonHerpderp2413d ago

The PSone was freakin amazing!
One of my top consoles of all time
along with my gamecube!

specialguest2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Looks like they got most of their bases covered. That was a good gaming era, especially for RPG lovers.

The PSX generation was truly the golden age of RPG. There were over 70-80 titles released during that gen.

MizTv2413d ago

ff7 and tony hawk 2 and 3 were awesome! and twisted metal 2!

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