The Xbox 360 Is Dead In Japan

Gamingunion: To Bill Gates' credit, Microsoft continues to cling to the Japanese market with a bulldog grip, but word has started coming in about Japanese retailers phasing out the Xbox 360. It looks like the Xbox 360's time is up in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Though Microsoft did in fact move 1.5 million units by last June, that's still a pretty pitiful number when you take into account that the Xbox 360 has been available in Japan since 2005. Even the PlayStation Vita, which everyone has been making doomsday forecasts about, has sold approx 500-600k in just three months.

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ritsuka6662412d ago

The 360 died in Japan a long time ago to be honest, just took a while for anyone to notice. lol

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solid_si2412d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

"the ps3 out sells the 360 in every other region but the US. so world wide? no, just here in america".

No, here in the UK the 360 outsells the PS3. You can go to any store and you will see many more stocks of 360 games over PS3. XBOX 360 games outsell PS3 games let alone hardware. The UK is the second biggest gaming market after US and Largest in europe by far.

Every year sony fanboys go on and say this year will be there year. PS3 will overtake on sales but since PS3 was released, the PS3 has never overtaken the xbox 360 and we are in the sixth year. Sure PS3 has had weeks and month were they had better hardware sales than xbox360 globaly but they have NEVER beaten over all sales of XBOX 360. Still waiting for sony to overtake xbox 360 in global sales. Look at wikipedia, XBOX 360 has sold more units world wide.

Japan is half as big as it used to be as a major gaming power. Japanese games has become irrelavant. Pikachu like games do not intrest the western world anymore. Shooters do such as COD, BF, Halo & Gears of war.

Japan is now irelevant, there games are irelevant. Shooters are todays and RPG's & Platform games are yesturdays.

Mrmagnumman3572411d ago

Ps3 has outsold 360 every year in europe

MaxXAttaxX2411d ago

Japan irrelevant? Shooters replacing RPGs and platformers?
Haha, you must be young. Please refrain from using opinion and bad personal taste as a global fact.

And btw, it's not just weeks or months. PS3 constantly sells faster.
360 had an 8 mil unit head start and the PS3 has cut it down to only 3.
Without that extra year, 360 wouldn't even be able to stay "ahead" by such measly amount.

Oh and when people say year of the PS3, they mean games. Succeeding for at least 4 years in a row.

solid_si2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

"Ps3 has outsold 360 every year in europe"

You fool, have read what i said...since the PS3 has been released. The playstation has not overtaken XBOX 360 in overall sales. PS3 has sold total of 62 million. Xbox 360 has sold 66 million. Every year Sony fanboys claim this year will be the year when ps3 will outsell XBOX 360...for 5 years fanboys are saying it but it has never happened. Xbox 360 is usually always 4 or 5 million ahead especialy when u have kinect thats on fire, the pedo games for kinect always in the top 10 sales of the month.

Sure in most of europe PS3 might have a slight edge but take UK out of european games market...europe is a small market for games which is usualy dominated by PC. UK represent over 50% of the marketshares in in europe. If you put North America and UK market shares together it is comparable to all other world gaming market combined. Basiclay XBOX 360 dont need to win market share in other countries which have very small market share. North american and UK alone win them this gen over sony alone.

Compare sony hardware sales from last gen console cycle on 5 year duration, the PS2 had 75% of the market shares that over a 100million in 5 years. The PS3 in 5 years had achieved only 54 million in same period. PS3 is a failure for sony. Very costly to produce and very little revenue for sony. The PS3 is the most failed hardware sony has ever created.

Clarence2411d ago

Its taken the 360 6yrs to reach 60m while its taken the ps3 5 to reach 60m. the PS3 has sold faster than the 360 with less time on the market thats a fact.

You wouldn't say japan is irrelevant if the 360 was selling. The PS3 is not costly to produce now.
Sony makes money of the every PS3 sold.

UK please. The UK is part of Europe which Sony has caught up and passed the 360. Even though the 360 had a year and half lead, and is cheaper.

NA and UK win this gen alone hilarious. I like how you conveniently forget the reset of the world. You say if you put NA and UK market share together its comparable to all other world gaming market.

Well if you take away NA the 360 would be done, because NA is the only place the 360 thrives.

Failure is HD stand alone drive. Failure is still having to swap disc. Failure is lying about RROD. Actually thank God for RROD.

solid_si2408d ago (Edited 2408d ago )

@Clarence so u think that PS3 will overtake xbox 360 this year...i bet my life it wouldnt. 6 years in the market now, it shouldnt make a difference at all. The XBOX 360 has better attachment rate than PS3. The Uk is the second biggest market for gaming. North america is the biggest.

I'll tell you what the biggest lie of all. The threat that my credit info mite be in the hands of frauds. The ps3 security and how late they came to admit is far more serious than RROD OR YROD. Atleast having RROD is well gone and doesnt affect your credit card.

Sony Fanboys make me laugh, 5 or 6 years, doesnt make a difference. Its now or never. If u cant win now u wont win ever. Even if PS3 beat XBOX 360 sales by 2019, it would be irelanvant as 8th gen console would have started and no-one would care.

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stonecold32412d ago

yep i have to agree with article

Rowland2412d ago

yes, because there's no market for any form of 'adult' gaming ! it's all one big anime cartoon kiddie-fest !

ThePsychoGamer2412d ago

Spoken like some one who doesn't understand the medium of the culture it came from.

Also "no room for adult gaming"

Wrong, Gore douse not make a game adult, just look at the insanely popular in japan Yakuza series or Catherine which both deal with adult issues in a mature way unlike games like say Gears of War which don't even try to handle adult issues.

CoolBeansRus2412d ago

It's hard to make games for the japanese. They like a certain style that Americans dont favor. Their style is different, that's all im saying.

It's easy for Sony because they are Japanese. It's a double edge sword, we (americans) like their story games, but they dont like our fps games. So, IMO, it's easier for Sony than MSFT. Japanese also have nation pride, so they want to see Sony succeed. Americans does too, that's why all these fps shooters are pro America.

But, i dont think the 360 is dead, if MSFT keeps trying they will get buyers. But, should they care about the east if they are moving enough units in the west? That's the question.
I think the answer is yes. Japanese have a unique style. They have brought us great games and will continue to. MSFT should not give up on the East, if they do, they have any common sense and should step aside and let Apple take over.

Both MSFT and Sony are great companies. They need to stay motivated and continue advancing. Better for us gamers in the end.

kevnb2412d ago

well the japanese have tons of games we never see, most of them arent on xbox. microsoft doesnt have a ton of games not on ps3 though.

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