Diablo 3 Release Date: 'We're Counting Down The Days' - Blizzard

Blizzard is gearing up to announce the release date of Diablo 3, according to comments made by Blizzard team member Jay Wilson. He says further delays would 'punish fans'.

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porter4702437d ago

An announcement of an announcement, great.

hellzsupernova2437d ago

of an unfinished game! no pvp at launch.

mep692437d ago

Don't need PVP at launch. I just want the SP Coop.

Daver2437d ago

They are starting to annoy gamers I think. It better not be a mediocre game with their "High standard"

NeoTribe2437d ago

They need to just go back to there roots with the pvp. No gay arena. Just have a hostile button like diablo2. Everyone is happy. Now if u have some shit talker u can't just hostile em and whoop his ass till he rage quits cuz now u gotta accept a challenge at an arena.... stupid bullshit.

2430d ago