TACTICS Ogre VITA versus PSP Comparison and Analysis

The Playstation Vita launch definitely has it’s weaknesses when it comes to the absence of Japanese Role playing games.

To shorten the black hole left by the Launch lineup in terms of RPGs we analyze one of the most Critically acclaimed Rpg ports over the past couple of decades, Tactics Ogre: Let us cling Together on the PS VITA and compare it with it's PSP counterpart.

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geniusgamerdoc2438d ago

Whether you have already owned a copy of Tactics Ogre or you are yet to ponder onto this SRpg epic, it definitely deserves a spot on the Vita’s Memory card, though 1.1 GB of Memory card space might turn some people off, especially the 4GB Memory card weilders.

SandwichHammock2438d ago

This remake/update is stellar. I hope they do something similar in quality with FFVI. Im really looking forward to playing FFIX for the first time on the vita, once they get the psone classics sorted out.


catfrog2437d ago

i just wanted to mention that you can start playing ps1 classic through your ps3 and remote play now, if that floats your boat.

i can understand why you might not want to but its an option available

Knushwood Butt2438d ago

Easily one of the best PSP games there is.

I'd say Peace Walker tops it though. Hey, as awesome as TO is, it's still a remake..

kamper2438d ago

PS Vita keeps me up all night… best investment i ever made… gaming, especially FIFA Football is amazing, plus the augmented reality is beyong crazy, cant wait for the slim to come out, only downside when playing games with the back touch is that its hard to grip the console without both hands touching the touch pad and a stupid msg saying both hands are on.. especially bad if ur hand are a bit chubby

geniusgamerdoc2438d ago

Yup. Most time I have spent Playing on the Vita is hands down Ultimate Marvel versus Capcom 3. Such a cult classic especially the Online Multiplayer and Heralds mode. Already racked in like more than 50+ Hours and still going strong.

Cryptcuzz2437d ago

Hey Genious! Thanks for the comparison video, I enjoyed seeing how PSP games looked on the scrumptious OLED VITA screen.

OT: I recognized your name now~! I remember getting owned by you so bad in UMVC3. I suck at that game so bad, but still enjoy playing it. If I recall, your Dr. Doom is beast! PSN: CryptCuzz.