John Romero has plans for an FPS game

Will make us our b**ch again?

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Grap2410d ago

good another fps that's what we need.

Nexy2410d ago

Oh, God, please, no...

PCgamer4ever2410d ago

Thats it,I'm quitting gaming.

Proeliator2410d ago

Didn't he just move to casual gaming because "that's where the money is?"

And when will he cut his hair...

LightofDarkness2410d ago

Well, he had a glorious track record up until Daikatana, so we'll see. If he's going back to his roots, it can't be a bad thing. I just hope he takes into account what has changed about FPS gaming since Quake et al, and makes something that captures the spirit of the old school with the technology available today.

morganfell2410d ago

The problem with Diakatana was the release date. Had the game come out on time it would have been an entirely different story. But after all the severe delays, the Q2 engine, despite being heavily modified, did not age well and the public had moved on from it an accepted game mechanics for an earlier period.

LightofDarkness2410d ago

Pretty much, that was it. Daikatana was like an anachronism: the seemingly disconnected level design would've been perfectly fine in 98 or even 99, but after Half-Life it just felt wrong. Moreover, it was sandwiched between Half-Life's gritty realism (for the time) and the far more advanced Unreal Tournament and Quake III engines.

I seem to recall the AI "help" being anything but as well. I got about half way through the game before losing interest, especially once I started playing Deus Ex.

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