TGS 2006: Virtua Fighter 5 Screenshots

SEGA has release three spanking new screenshots of Virtua Fighter 5 for the PlayStation 3. Check them out below.

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Apocalypse Shadow4505d ago

on ps3.vf always looks good and plays well.i do wish someone would come up with a new fighting franchise. long time ago i thought it would have been good for sega to make a sort of special edition of vf that swapped out the characters with ryo,master chen,xiuying hong(female temple master in two)lan di,ren,chai,etc with backgrounds that came straight out of shenmue.oh well.

Eternal E 8084505d ago

because i dont see anything at all thats special in this game to be so long in development.

BIadestarX4505d ago

mmm. it does not look 4D.

JIN KAZAMA 1874505d ago

This really doesnt look all that great. But I am not a VF fan, just Tekken. I really hope they come out with some crazy graphics for that game, because this look really nothing special. maybe the pics dont do it justice.

Donkey Slayer4505d ago

VF2 is IMO, hopefully my opinion will change once I play this :)

Tekken 6, where is the info on it. It looked like crap at E3, which is weird because Tekken 5 is awesome.

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