Xbox 360 Dashboard Update - Up Close and Personal

For a long time, over the reaches of time and space, the busy people at the Xbox campus were developing an update for the new console, the biggest update made so far. According to, 125 new features have been added this time round, in contrast to the other dashboard updates which didn't make any noticeable changes to the end user but instead tweaked under the hood.

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Grown Folks Talk6207d ago

the microsoft rep was in today, and for those of you who don't know, the wireless gaming reciever for $19.99 that is coming out is for your pc. you connect it to a usb port, and it allows you to use the wireless controllers, wireless racing wheel, or wireless 360 headsets on your pc.

Krimson6207d ago

Since you seem to be somewhat in the know. Will 1 receiver be able to handle input from multiple controllers, or do we need to purchase 2 to use 2 controllers at once?

Grown Folks Talk6207d ago

i didn't look into that. i'll look at the sheet again when i go to work tomorrow, and see if it says anything specific. i would think it would handle more than one at a time, but are there any split screen, multi-player pc games? (serious question. not a pc gamer.)

CrizzleC246207d ago

I was hoping (wishing and dreaming) for a simple fast-foward on my music player instead I get this lame shuffle Feature which is basicly just like the Random feature we had before the update.
The only reason I vote this towards "Lame" is because my old old 11 year old Playstation 1
could fast-foward on music (and it had to do it without being on a hard drive which is harder and causes damage to the CD) and the CD came out fine even in CD-R and RW format. Five years after that (remember what the Playstation 1 could do...) the Xbox 1 only read very fine CD-Rs like Staples and Sony (ironicly) and some CDs. Besides that the 360 rocks and so does the update.-Crizzle C

FamoAmo6206d ago

Accessories accessories.. I bet MS could add that feature but I bet they want people to buy the remote. Why give the feature away when MS has a nice remote you can buy? I know the remote can do more than just FF, RW, etc... but its all about accessories. For all MS has done so far for the comsumer I can't knock em

gc103606206d ago

What a superb update, Live's just upped the ante, again. and even upscaled DVD playback using VGA (DVD in 1360*768 WOW!!)