Binary Domain Co-Op Review (Co-Optimus)

Andrew Gaskill: "Four players can team up online to (say it with me) battle waves of increasingly difficult enemies. It’s kind of fun, but it’s no Horde mode. One of my biggest complaints is the lack of progressive damage to the enemies. Yes, you can shoot the armor off of a bot, but the damage is purely visual. You can’t cripple its legs, or blast off its head and send it after its fellow bots. None of the strategy from the single player game is there. After playing multiple sessions, each one plagued by lag, I couldn’t find much to brag about. There is an experience progression system tied to the game’s versus multiplayer, but I doubt many players will make the long trek to level 50. Binary Domain’s Invasion mode seems so tacked on it doesn’t even feel like the same game."

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