Persona 4: The Golden consumers get free PlayStation Vita cover

Gematsu: "You don’t have to be jealous of Katsura Hashino’s PlayStation Vita anymore. Soon, you’ll be able to decorate yours just as he has, as Atlus will release an official Persona 4: The Golden protective sheet to stick over your handheld."

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Snookies122506d ago

Wha?? Versions outside of Japan better get this too! Wonder if the game comes with a soundtrack, like just about all other personas tend to do... I still have my ps2 copy's soundtrack, but it would be cool to have it as a downloadable extra for Vita or something.

tarbis2506d ago

This cover better be also be available when it comes out in english.

tiffac0082505d ago

That would be cool, if it happens. lol!

PersonaCat2506d ago

No clothing this time? I remember that when you preordered P3P from Amazon they gave you Junpei's hat lol. Most anticipated Vita game right now.