New PS Vita promos featuring Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Persona 4, Gundam

First direct-feed footage of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, as well as footage of Persona 4: The Golden, and Gundam Seed Battle Destiny included in new promos.

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Snookies122410d ago

God that is one annoying video... Still though, cannot wait for MGS and P4:G!!! I've played those games before sure, but dear lord to have them on a handheld will be magical...

Army_of_Darkness2409d ago

If i wasn't lazy right now I would have shut off my speakers, or even throw something at the tv.

Snookies122409d ago

Hahaha, I started to skip around in the video... Couldn't last through the entire thing with that music and the repeating... D:

tarbis2410d ago

Can't wait for these games. I'll definitely get Gundam Seed Battle Destiny.

tiffac0082408d ago

Persona 4: The Golden for me and I'm hoping to see Tales of Innocence: R gets localize in the future (and maybe, still hoping Valkyria Chronicles III)

Denethor_II2410d ago

MGS Cover art is well cool.

Snookies122409d ago

You sir, speak truth! God that game was absolutely amazing... I didn't want it to end... -_-

ninjahunter2409d ago

Sweet, I look forward to the metal gear solid collection and the Persona 4 release.