Do Great Franchises Belong To Developers Or Fans?

Velocity Gamer: The latest uproar over Mass Effect 3 begs the question of all great franchises: who do those wonderful worlds really belong to? And also, shouldn't the paying fans have something to say about future installments?

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Outside_ofthe_Box2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

There is something wrong if what the fans want is different than what the developers want... they should more or less be on the same page...

Developers should have the freedom to create what they like... but sometimes they change things NOT to make the game better, but to attract a wider a audience... Fans cans see through this...

If making money was never an issue... I'm pretty sure developers and fans would always be on the same page... BUT this isn't the case in real life. You have backlash from fans when developers make a game that they feel is a step in the wrong direction from the original...

In terms of story it is totally possible for developers to screw it up. It happens with all sorts of entertainment whether it be games, movies, or music where the majority consensus of fans feel disappointed by the work put out.

As far as who does it belong to... I guess it would have to be both.

LOGICWINS2504d ago

Actually, its turning out to be that great franchises belong to publishers now. I can't shake the thought that ME3 would have been a better game(and had a better ending) if EA didn't strong arm Bioware to create an online multiplayer aspect.

vortis2504d ago


I feel the exact same way.

Some franchises feel like they move cohesively with the market providing both great entertainment values and fan appeal.

I think so far Bungie and Naughty Dog have been the only companies (more or less) to provide blockbuster titles that were both entertaining and engaging and immersive for fans.

It feels like lately fans of any mainstream genre have been pushed off to the side for sales, including Final Fantasy, Forza Motorsport, Need for Speed (man this poor series doesn't know who it is anymore), Street Fighter, Mega Man, Call of Duty and XCOM.

But gamers can always take refuge in knowing that the video game industry can survive without publishers and I imagine that day will arrive sooner or later.

Xof2504d ago

...More herpderp backlash.

Developers make games. They "own" the games they make--after all, it's the "child" of their collective creative process.

This does not make them immune to criticism. And the fact that so many people are rising up to defend this kind of bullshit (You can't tell me my work is bad because it's my work, not your!) makes me physically ill.

Anyone regurgitating this putrid rhetoric can go to hell.

NeoBasch2504d ago

Developers. Otherwise, you can't call it art. This is the exact same reason I hate avatars. Don't like the ending. Tough. Deal with it. It's a creative choice.

OmegaSlayer2504d ago

Franchises belongs to devs but it's stupid to not keep fans in mind, since they buy your games and will affect your future release.
I will get ME3 only today, so I'll need a while to see the ending, if I blame Bioware for something is forcing me to keep 12 people alive, growing attachment to them and not be able to use 10 of them.

baodeus2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

so what if everyone want something different? Let just take an insignificant sample size of 14000 for example. How would developers resolve this?

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