343 Has the Chance to Make an Amazing Campaign Experience for Halo 4 As most gamers nowadays know, a first person shooter with a good story is hard to come by. You have the few that stand out,

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FrankDrebin2437d ago

They certainly have all the means and I hope they do it!

EVILDEAD3602437d ago

'They certainly have all the means and I hope they do it'

You hit it on the nail...

With a 200-man team that may well be arguably the greatest collection of development talent in the history of gaming, saying they have a 'chance' to make a great game is a massive understatement.

Micrsoft gave them the keys to the city, I hope they pull off a modern day classic.


IM_KINECTED2437d ago

I think the fact that 343i has at least a few key group of former Bungie members helps ease some of the doubt.

When I saw who is currently working at 343i I got even more excited, those are some of the most well known people in the industry and they actually WANT to be working on Halo titles, which is a great thing.

People should like and enjoy what they work on, which definitely seems to be the case here.

aviator1892437d ago

I just hope Halo 4 mp isn't Reach 2.5. I hope the mp is a true successor to Halo 3's style.

Kurt Russell2437d ago

Or better yet, speed it up a bit more like Halo 2. Each game has been a bit slower than the last.

jacksonmichael2437d ago

They seem like they're really passionate about the project. I expect good things.

Mythicninja2437d ago

I hope this has lots of new content. New enemies , new story, same chief, even better gameplay. I surely don't want to be shooting at covenant or the flood again

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