"Gamers are the worst f***king people"

Addict of Fiction take a look if gamers are fussy or if they actually take a lot of *Ahem* battering from companies.

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Moncole2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

Seeing post on N4G and other videogames sites he kinda has a point.

I have to agree with Phil Fish.

90% of gamers are the worst kind of people the other 10% are normal

Virtual_Reality2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

''Seeing post on N4G and other videogames sites he kinda has a point.

90% of gamers are the worst''

Those are Fanboys and Trolls.

Gamers are Gamers or Fans which is different to Fanboy.

Statix2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

At least gamers are honest and no-bulls*** about their opinions. I shiver to think what the world would be like if it were comprised entirely of holier-than-thou, politically-correct language police, such as special interest groups complaining about porn, racism... or even Rush Limbaugh.

matgrowcott2502d ago

Yeah, sure, they're honest but there's so much information coming out - some of it true, some of it completely false - that it's impossible for them to keep up with it. They take the headline at face value, especially at N4G, and that means that they have great opinions but, nine times out of ten, those opinions are knee-jerk reactions to unsubstantiated nonsense.

And they don't remember that when they get angry, so you end up with nonsense like "The From Ashes DLC is on the disk," which Bioware will never live down and is, in actuality, complete and utter bull. But it'll keep being repeated as long as Mass Effect 3 is being knocked.

Biggest2501d ago

What makes you think gamers are any more honest than anyone else? Remember that the gaming "media" is comprised of gamers. Remember that the same honest gamers are the people on this forum hating BluRay, Halo, Wii, and anything else that doesn't fit on their preferred console.

The world needs politically-correct language police. Attacking a person because they disagree with you is unacceptable. Remove the stigma from being an ass and you'll find more people killed for their words. People that can't temper their hate need to be protected from themselves.

Statix2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

NO. The world doesn't need politcally-correct language police. There's something called FREE SPEECH. One of the amendments of the constituton. I think you may have heard of it? Or maybe you haven't, considering what you're seemingly espousing by saying "the world needs language police" is a complete demolishing of the First Amendment and the constitution. You know what country has plenty of "language police?" Communist China.

Freedom of speech and censorship in America is already in a sad and pathetic state as it is; we don't need even MORE policing of words in this country. I'm slightly left-leaning and liberal in my political views, and I think Rush Limbaugh is a complete asshole. However, as the old saying goes, "I may not agree with him, but I'll defend his right to say it." Just because he (jokingly) said someone MIGHT be a slut/prostitute, people are trying to CENSOR him by petitioning to lose his job. If that's not an encroachment on Free Speech, then I don't know what is. Open debate--or simply calling Rush Limbaugh an idiot in response to his "hateful speech"--is one thing. Trying to shut someone up by destroying his livelihood is completely something else.

You, along with many other overly sensitive, politically-correct people in this country, have completely lost sight of what values this country was founded on, and I find that completely sad and pathetic. To relate this in N4G terms, you're the type of person who would rather bubble-down someone who says something you disagree with, rather than try to formulate an intelligent retort, even if he said it in an intelligent or non-fanboyish way.

If someone says something truly offensive/hurtful/disagreeable , then the response should be public humiliation or backlash. The response SHOULDN'T be censorship or losing his job/livelihood. If Rush Limbaugh says something truly stupid or inane, the response should be you turning off your radio dial so that you make him lose ratings by not having you listening.

EDIT: When I say gamers are honest, it's because their constant whining and complaining to the developers keep them honest to a certain extent. If gamers didn't call each other out or developers out on their bull***, then we'd be seeing these greedy companies put out $50+ of on-disc DLC in every single game. Yes, gamers are overly whiny and entitled, but I'd rather have whiny and entitled gamers than passive and complacent gamers.

Kyosuke_Sanada2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

These game developers need to stop thinking they are celebrities and "get with the program" if you can excuse the pun. After all the negativity from the stunts pulled, they expect gamers to be happy regardless. I have to admit they are people who do become anal for minute details, they are in every community but you are a professional.

There are customers who agitate me as well in my job of customer service but I am paid to do a job so if anyone gets too ornery, I usually apologize and take the high road by kindly dismissing the person or transferring the person to someone else.

It comes with the territory pal.....

Whitefox7892501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

What I found bizarre about his claim was he didn't specify any evidence for his claim at all. So I mean of course he's going to get backlash from the community.

I mean whenever I hate something I always list out the points I didn't like to prove my argument. This usually leads to majority of people seeing my point because I laid everything out in a logical manner versus going entirely on emotion.

You yourself have provided a very well thought out and real world example and description,

Bathyj2502d ago

I dont just think its just gamers.
Its people on the internet in general.

Most use the anonymity to act like jerks. Theyre like little dogs, yapping behind a tall fence.
Open the gate, and watch them STFU.

I mean, look at all the arguing that goes on in here.
Yet if we all were to meet at a LAN party or something, we would probably all get along really well since we all have common interests. I've never seen a fight at a LAN.

Hufandpuf2502d ago (Edited 2502d ago )

IDK about N4G getting along at a LAN party. Some people here are just complete trolls.

Bathyj2502d ago

Yeah, but like I said, open the gate and watch them STFU.

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