XBLA achievement cap going up from 200 to 400

Xbigygames writes: According to the rules on Xbox Achievement Points are about to be changed. Their source has said that Microsoft are planning to double the amount of Gamerscore players can receive on XBLA titles and DLC.

We believe this is most likely down to the idea of encouraging gamers and developers to invest in DLC, even for smaller titles such as XBLA arcade games. "Achievement Whores" can then get their fix, while developers have another way of selling their new content to players.[...]

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Noticeably_FAT2410d ago

This makes a ton of sense, a lot of the XBLA titles are on par and in some cases better then some of the full retail games. Look at Alan Wake's American Nightmare, it was amazing, would have loved the chance to get some more Gamerscore in it.

Xbigygames2410d ago

I think that more titles are being released on XBLA to test the waters, so to speak. They are just as good as main releases, just more risky.

Not sure if I agree on you with American Nightmare, but still, the calibre and money being put into these releases is big.

FrankDrebin2410d ago

My son and I are rocking 30,000 points. That's five years worth! haha

Xbigygames2410d ago

on 41,200 myself! Some poeople are mad, heard one guy got to 1,000,000. Was on CVG at one point or another...

atticus142410d ago

achievement unlocked "press start button on title screen"

dark-hollow2410d ago

Actually there are achievements like that!

maniacmayhem2410d ago

Next step is to give the Indie games some achievements. They should at least get 100 or better yet 200.

This would give incentive for people to buy more indie titles. Especially achievement whores.

_Aarix_2409d ago

A ps3 fanboy..eeewwww!!

MrBeatdown2410d ago

While they are at it, they should drop the stupid requirement of only allowing 1000 points in retail games. MS doesn't even stick to it. They just cram anything deserving of 1000 points (like Crysis or Resident Evil 4) onto Games on Demand even though that was originally intended to be a place that offered digital versions of disc-based games.