SecuROM DRM is integrated into EA’s Origin service, traces of SecureROM in Mass Effect 3

DSOGaming writes: "A couple of weeks ago, Mass Effect 3′s executive producer, Casey Hudson, said that the Origin version of Mass Effect 3 would not be using an intrusive DRM scheme. According to Hudson, the game would require a one time, single authorization, and installs would not be limited. However, it appears that EA’s Origin service uses a version of SecureROM, a DRM system that is hated by a lot of PC gamers. In fact, a lot of gamers are boycotting all games that come with any form of SecureROM, and according to Reclaim Your Game, Mass Effect 3 on Origin uses a new form of SecureROM as its DRM."

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FrankDrebin2438d ago

Not a big deal folks. Moving on.

Bladesfist2437d ago

As long as it is not implemented the same as in borderlands. Loved the game to bits but SecuROM gave me so many problems