New epic Dragon's Dogma powers

Xbigygames writes: We hate how the term epic is thrown around. It has become so over-used that it has lost its importance. People need to use the word selectively. So when you see the word 'epic' on Xbigygames, you know something is damned amazing.

Today we've spotted some videos that show off a few powers in Capcom's upcoming action-RPG, Dragon's Dogma. Our favourites are easily Gicel, which creates a glacier and Maelstrom, which makes a tornado effect. [...]

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Hozi2411d ago

Epic Indeed!!! I must say I love how Capcom is venturing into the type of RPG experience. I see elements of Elder Scrolls, Monster Hunter and Dragon Age!

rdgneoz32411d ago

Game looks good, just hope they don't cut stuff, keep it on the disc, and charge for it later...

Zichu2411d ago

Wow... Yes please :D

Cannot wait to see how other elemental spells look.