Street Fighter X Tekken PS Vita, DLC Details Coming In April

"Okay, so maybe there is some hope for pure fighting game fans. Capcom has at least acknowledged this whole thing about DLC and the PS Vita, and plan to release more details about the situation this April."

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Truerandom2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

That makes no sense. All 12 DLC Characters are already 99% complete on disc complete with rival battles and their endings, ready to be unlocked

RockmanII72438d ago

Well since CAPtivate is April 2nd-4th I'd expect to see more info there.

vortis2437d ago

I'm betting Capcom's gonna make an epic announcement about the first pack of colors being completely and entirely free, and to honor fans they'll say some BS about 2 of the 16 characters will be given away for free...maybe.

It'll be just enough to soothe the heat and give the loyalist and fanboys a reason to further defend them.

Kyosuke_Sanada2437d ago

Capcom better not fool themselves and announce they are giving the public a free unlock or I can't picture the DLC details will be accepted well.