IGN - Deconstructing Story in BioWare Games

IGN - BioWare's Jonathan Perry on creating polarizing balance in story.

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deno2507d ago

Why would you put this gay agenda pic and story here? This is exactly why I stopped playing this filth. That's just disgusting man, how can you even do this filth?

zpoc2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

studies have shown that those who express anti-gay sentiments are the most likely to harbor latent homosexual tendencies.

just sayin'...!


read up, mary!

deno2507d ago

Buddy, you should think and reason for yourself. Seems you get indoctrinated easy. Best of luck!!!

zpoc2507d ago

huh? how does reading a study on the psychology of latent homosexuality translate in to being 'easily indoctrinated'? if your idea of thinking and reasoning for yourself is to ignore all outside sources of information than you're just an idiot, plain and simple.

anyway, maybe you should just come out of the closet, you'll probably be much happier. if you live in a small town, you should move to a bigger city where more gay people like yourself live. that way you'll find yourself in an environment where you can be yourself and wont have to hide under a blanket of self-hatred and denial. best of luck to you as well!

PooEgg2502d ago

@deno - It is obvious that this game is too mature for you. Come back when you wise up a little.

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digitalkid2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Soldier crying and whining about loss of HIS husband.. And when you trying to get rid of him instead "being nice", you get a bad rep. Who was that stupid, perversive bitch who wrote that part?Why didnt you gave him a normal family?

And their "hard choices" are poorly written, scripted piece of crap, where you do good and lose part of a team, or doing bad, but everyone's alive.

deno2506d ago

Why would you call me an idiot? Seems to me you have this passion regarding homosexual defense. Just like yourself, I also studied psychology, but it doesn't give a free pass toward unnatural behavior. See, the whole point of nature is to survive, to produce. Two of the same sexes cannot do that, it's unnatural. By the way, I live in Pennsylvania, next to Philadelphia and New York City. Which means next time try not to put someone down without knowing them. Have a good day.

zpoc2505d ago (Edited 2505d ago )

your poor reading comprehension skills must have missed the 'if' part of the sentence "if you live in a small town..." but that's fantastic that you live near ny. it'll be the perfect place for you to let your latent homosexuality blossom! lucky you!

and by the way, you ARE an idiot: homosexuality exists in abundance in nature, so it is, by definition, 'natural', you halfwit -

M83_2502d ago

You are an idiot. Homosexuality is to be seen in over 15k species but homophobia is only found in one. Tell me what's unnatural. But you know what they say about homophobes...

PooEgg2502d ago

@deno - You should keep in mind that a lot of people suspect that guys who protest loudly against homosexuality are actually in the closet themselves, and they only protest in order to make themselves sound straight. People who are confident in their sexuality are not threatened by others choices, and simply see homosexuality as something that isn't for them. Plus it leaves more single females for the 'truly' straight man, so it's win win!

M83_2502d ago

Haha exactly. Less confused men trying it on with women equals more opportunities.
It wouldn't surprise me that a lot of these homophobes are, to some degree, attracted to men. Why else would they care, if only to keep their skeletons in the closet.

PooEgg2502d ago

Yep, exactly! Just like the married politician who was so vocally opposed to gay marriage until he got pulled over after leaving a gay bar with his male lover.