Playing it Old School – Jack Bauer’s First Day of Gaming

Back in 2006, a “24”-game was released for the PS2 that has been now forgotten. While flawed, the game had the possibility of being a success thanks to several aspect. Being one of the most iconic series, “Playing It Old School” looks at how “24: The Game” could have been a success and how the franchise could continue as a video game series.

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Bathyj2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I had a really good idea for a 24 game.

Everytime Jack shoots someone, you drink.
Everytime theres an explosion, you drink.
Everytime Jack takes a nameless partner with him and he dies, you drink.
Everytime a friend turns out to be a mole, you drink.
Everytime someone says "protocol".......

You only problem is, I think it might lead to alcoholism.

Dennis Haysbert FKN rules. I wish someone would make a really good game of The Unit.
Or just more episodes.
Jonas Blaine is the BEST SOLDIER EVER.