Resident Evil 6: The most promising Resi in years

CVG: Resi 6 sweeps through several very different locations - something Capcom hasn't done since 2000's Code Veronica.

They've shown a neon-lit Chinese city and a new American town, Tall Oaks, that's more than a little reminiscent of Raccoon City. Something that's not lost on Leon. "This is Raccoon City all over again!" he says of the burning cars and shuffling zombies; it's classic PSone-era Resi imagery. Capcom are clearly trying to win back fans alienated by its post-RE3 stylistic change.

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sknygy2508d ago

Could be, too early to say. Need Captivate/E3 for some hands on impressions. RE5 was lame, but Revelations gives me hope they've realised they need to remember their roots

Prcko2508d ago

not really,when i saw combat(Vanquish style) i realised this resi gonna be worst than RE5

princejb1342508d ago

Definitely to action oriented, stay tuned for day 1 dlc

Ryo-Hazuki2508d ago

the game is going to be full of set pieces. The days of exploring and doing puzzles in RE are gone

Skateboard2508d ago

Which is why I'm going to pass on buying it.

cemelc2508d ago

Lets not forget that probably the mercenary mode is goign to be sold for 5$, and a gold edition is going to shaft early adopters 6 month down the road

Virtual_Reality2508d ago

If you will buy it, wait for the ultimate edition, Capcom will do it again with DLC's.

Leonesaurus2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

All I'm going to say is don't get everyone's hopes up like this game is supposed to be the second coming of Christ for RE fans.

I love classic RE as well as newer entries to the RE series, like Resident Evil 5, even with its flawed decisions and changes they made to the characters, which made me cringe. It's still a damn fun game, like RE 4.

Just because RE 6 has Leon and there are zombies, don't even assume its going to be like the games on the PS1 or PS2, or even the gamecube.

Just go in expecting a game similar to RE: Revelations, except with better graphics, more additions and features, and a new story filled with new and returning characters.

asmith23062508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

I'm playing Resi 2 at the moment. It's the best RE game in my opinion and it still holds up to a lot of AAA games today. RE 4 is a close second. I wish Capcom would revert back to actual survival horror. Not much ammo, very little going on (which adds to the tension), music that sets the atmosphere and a credible scenario. The story is so convoluted now it's lost it's appeal. Oh and what is their obsession with all them building sized monsters made out of gunge and eyeballs lately?

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