Molyneux: playing Call of Duty in 10 years time is "unthinkable"

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux - sorry, ex-Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux - has taken another swing at the drum labelled "originality or bust", insisting that console developers in particular can't be complacent about changing audience tastes.....

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Amazingmrbrock2410d ago

As usual with this guy half crazy talk half great thoughts.

Nobody has come up with a best controlling interface yet.

We have some good ones, but there hasn't been anything perfect Where perfect is something you don't have to think about using, give appropriate feed back and takes a wide range of input.

Maybe next gen we'll start to see the right stuff. I think it will likely be a combination of a wiimote/move like device, with the a nav controller of some kind and a kinect based camera.

Even that's missing a range of things to be perfect. I think the best device would be one you plug into your brain and stimulate your imagination with directly.

Lazy_Sunday2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I agree. Though I don't think there will be a "best controller interface" ever. But many a time I have suggested Move + Kinect like controller interface would be the closest thing to what we're looking for in the next step of a gaming experience, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. I'd prefer staying away from tablet controllers and keeping with the whole one screen thing, you can't really focus on two screens at once, and I want to feel more involved in an experience, not hidden behind an additional screen...unless that tablet has the power of a next gen super computer.

...Molyneux is half crazy, I'll give you that. The guy can't even sell the control scheme of his own game, and is "hoping" that people might, maybe, won't, possibly like it.

inveni02410d ago

I don't think motion is the way to go for many games. I like our Move controllers. I like playing Move games every once in awhile. But for the most part, I like it to stay where it belongs. I don't want it creeping in as primary controller for games like Uncharted, inFamous, etc. I don't want to work while playing games. I want to relax.

Saladfax2409d ago

The problem with motion controls in games is it invariably creates slower thought to action response times.

As in, it's easier to move a thumbstick an inch than it is to move your arm two feet. Currently, the gamepad or keyboard/mouse provides the fastest thought to input to action on screen.

Motion controls are basically just gimmicks to bide time until we get to the point when things will be able to be controlled by actual thought commands. Sure, such a thing is pretty far off, but...

StrongMan2410d ago

Playing games without buttons is what's "unthinkable" but that didn't stop you from jumping on that bandwagon.

ozstar2410d ago

Id imagine saying no to MS would be the reason why he's not employed by then anymore.

WiIIiam2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Molyneux making a game that doesn't suck is what's truly unthinkable as far as I'm concerned.

OmniSlashPT2410d ago

What about playing Fable? Bashes CoD but is doing a Kinect shovelware on rails game and is milking Fable until its last drop (no one really cares about that franchise anymore, but his ego still thinks it's the masterpiece he intended).

Noticeably_FAT2410d ago

There is a difference between a Kinect game and shovelware. Kinect Sports, Dance Central, The Gunstringer, Haunt, Fruit Ninja, Steel Battalion and Crimson Dragon are games.

Hole In The Wall and Carnival Games are what I'd consider shovelware.

As for Fable, those games sell millions upon millions, so obviously there are people who care about the franchise still.

SephirothX212410d ago

Have you played it yet? No you haven't but yet you make ignorant statements. He is right about CoD and he has always had humility about his games and criticised his own work. You should try to accept other people's opinions. Kinect did sell very well, the SDK is terrific as I've developed for it and although the technology is limited in its applicability, it still has potential once the right people put in a decent amount of effort.

wolokowoh2410d ago

"criticized his own work" Do you mean how he said Fable sucked but able Fable 2 would better then said Fable 2 sucked but Fable 3 would be better? In reality, they're all decent games but none of them deserve AAA status, at least not as much as other franchises do. Kinect is good supplemental device but the best game using only Kinect(currently Dance Central) will never be as good as the best game using a controller, even if that controller is a motion controller(i.e. Skyward Sword) because the tech is so limiting.

Lord_Sloth2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

Actually after 3 Muleneux said he wanted to give Fable a break and then announces this Fable and is now leaving after this Fable is finished. Methinks MS is shoving Fable in the guy's face and he's tired of it, so he's quitting.

ThatIrishGamer2410d ago

This is the guy that pretended Milo was real when in actual fact it was one of the most boring video's the world had ever seen - and he called it a game :O

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