Mass Effect 3 Day 1 DLC ... What's The Deal?

What's The Deal with Day 1 DLC ... Hate Them? Love Them? Let us know.


Read the article over at Best Games Network and see what they had to say. They made some good arguments for and against this issue. Start a discussion, let EA know that this is wrong, and lets stop this before it becomes a trend. Thanks.

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Ilovetheps42412d ago

It's a terrible practice that should not be done by any practice. The DLC was done before the game released and therefore should not be DLC. It's now being discovered that it's actually on the PC disc therefore it was definitely done before it went gold. I hate a company that tries to penny pinch me and refuse to support such a practice.

OmegaSaiyanX2412d ago

Bioware have even confirmed that the 'framework' is on the disc because according to them dlc cannot work unless some of the assets are on the disc *rolls eyes*

Funny that because they are basically saying they knew about the dlc, were making the dlc and well they just wanted to milk us...They included it with the Collectors Edition but the CE is full of rubbish and is very underwhelming unlike the ME 2 CE which had the terminus armour.

Weaksauce11382412d ago

The artwork for Javik was, just as Kasumi and that other dude were in ME2. What your rush to entitlement might overlook is voice work, missions and related actual content are all in the 600+ mb of info DOWNLOADED in the DLC and not on disc. The DLC character also has no interaction with the story, no tie in to previous games and absolutely no effect on story arcs which is why he is stand alone. What was on the disc was purely moving art assets, the DLC was what made it a character.

Now let the selfish, entitlement whining commence.

Captain Qwark 92412d ago

agreed, so much bitching about it yet they dont seem to be saying anything about how much was done right. the game is amazing and everyone seems to be forgetting that becuase of some dlc which took me about 15min to finish and has no effect on the overall plot ( did provide me with the coolest characters though ). plus if its that big of a deal and people are such "huge" fans that they need every single piece of the game then shouldn't they be buying the collectors edition anyway and oh wait thats right, its included with that.

shadowwizard2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

What's the deal? Well, they rather spent time and money on day one DLC than fixing the damn game on PS3. That's the deal.

Philoctetes2412d ago

This game actually commits two major sins:

1) Day 1 DLC that was cut from the main story (in what is supposed to be a story-driven game).

2) A multiplayer mode that you are forced to play if you want the "good" ending (pulling you away from the main story in what is supposed to be a story-driven game).

It's still a fun game, but Bioware deserves lots of criticsm over these two decisions.

pr0digyZA2412d ago

I agree the day one dlc was a ridiculous descision. But your one point is wrong, you do not need to play multiplayer to get best ending. It is optional you just have to find a lot more extras that take longer and is harder. The multiplayer just makes it easier to complete.

Simon_Brezhnev2412d ago

Hell they should have had Day 1 DLC ending for that shit they pulled.

Captain Qwark 92412d ago

i disagree with both points. i bought the dlc and while it sheds a little more light on the protheans it not necessary for the main story.

and read about your second point becuase you do not need to play mp to get the good ending.

normally i have a problem with day 1 dlc too however in this case i dont. its more or less just extra content created to make the collectors edition even more worthwhile and for those of us who didnt want the collectors edition, this gives us another route to acquire that content.

one thing i am learning from all this though, gamers are about the whiniest bunch of people i have ever met. they literally b*tch about everything these days.

Philoctetes2412d ago

RE: Multiplayer

Based on what I've read, multiplayer is not actually optional for many players. Some of the choices you made in previous games -- which are now unchageable of course -- make it literally impossible to get the good ending without resorting to multiplayer. At least that's the impression I've gotten from reading many forum threads on this topic.

There are lots of people out there who scanned every planet and did every side mission and still didn't even come close to enough Effective Military Strength to get the best ending.

--Onilink--2412d ago

no, you can definetely get the good ending without MP, i already have the War Assets bar full, still need to complete a few side missions, still need to do the main quest to recruit a race and complete the main part of the story.

If someone hasnt gotten enough then they probably made a LOT of bad decisions on the previous games, and if they do, they should definitely have more trouble getting the best ending, thats kinda the idea...

Philoctetes2412d ago

"Getting the bar full" isn't enough for the good ending. It isn't even close. Or at least that's what I've read.

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closnyc2412d ago

the dlc is important to the story. ME1 started off setting the bar really high with the whole reaper and prothean story. Then, ME2 went a little off road but still managed to keep it together. Me3 on the other hand, is a complete butchering of the story and what was once a very important piece of the story, like the prothean, becomes a second hand 10 dollar DLC crap and the story turns into this typical bioware cliche boring crap with an atrocious ending. It even contradicts its own lore and all the decision we made in the first and 2nd game mean ABSOLUTELY nothing in the end. Thats what pissed me off, its catered to the masses and the hand holding is just so ridiculous its insulting and lets not forget those 2D sprites everywhere. Atrocious. You dont play that DLC you never know anything more about the reapers and protheans apart from what you know in the first game.

Elvis2412d ago

Don't like it, don't buy it.

It's that simple.

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