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ClickOnline writes: "So Journey is attractive, impeccably designed and features a unique approach to multiplayer. However, as a game, it’s something of a non event. Failure is next to impossible and the few moments where you come under attack feel, in retrospect, thoroughly artificial."

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PFirefly2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

What a load of bull. This game has no contemporaries since it is obviously in a category all it's own, so trying to compare it to other game standards as a measurement of its gameplay falls flat.

Rating it down because you can't interact enough with your companion, linearity, and length shows that this person is obviously unqualified to review Journey. If you could interact in a more meaningful way with companions it would inevitably lead to griefing. Linearity in this particular case is intentional to allow people to know where to go next without getting them frustrated or lost. The length of the game is likewise implemented with a purpose, it allows the game to be experienced in one sitting.

Looking at what makes Journey, Journey, if you were to change any of the elements this review complained about, it would detract or destroy the very purpose and experience of the game. Journey accomplishes exactly what it's creators intended, and while it may not be everyone's cup of tea, any competent reviewer would realize that and not rate it down for aspects that are part of the game's core. Rather they would still rate it appropriately and inform their viewers that it won't appeal to everyone and explain why in an objective manner.

If I were a reviewer and my score didn't reflect the general concensus, then there is something inherently wrong with one of us. Either the others got paid off, or I'm unqualified to review that game. Which would be the case in this instance?

wenaldy2410d ago

Crap review, i cant believe i actually read that crap..!!!

mayberry2410d ago

<story quality> WTF
<like this website> NO

AusRogo2410d ago

I actually have to might buy this. Ive heard so much good things about it.

Azurite2410d ago

"Either way, I can’t see many people returning to this unique world after their first playthrough."

I've played from beginning to end 7 times and I know a lot of other players have played to the end at least 4 times judging by their appearance.

I usually wait for new players pop up to help them find the glowing symbols.

TheMrMadzen2410d ago

You seem so majestic in your white clothes :D