A great Wii surprise

The parents of these three kids trick them into opening a gift that had no name addressed on it. They tell them they shouldn't open it. But the kids open the present anyway together and to their surprise...

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Yosking4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

Since everyone was doing it I thought the wii should have one too ..and becuz someone already did the ps3 one lol

PS3 ROCKS Wiiiiiiiiiii!!! xD

rofldings4580d ago (Edited 4580d ago )

The older kid doesn't seem to give a sh!t about the wii.

Now, if he were 65...

fury4580d ago

I approved this one because my ps3 story got approved. What comes next? A great PSP/DS surprise?

gamesR4fun4580d ago

all the consoles should get equal luv here imo

therealwillie4580d ago

whats next.... a great sega megadrive surprise

rofldings4580d ago

At least that kid said "Thank you" ... and then some, lol

lawman11084579d ago

So gay even for this lame PS3 loving site

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Douchebaggery4580d ago

This site has gone to sh!t.

ravinash4580d ago

Plus theres not a lot of news happening at the moment.
Got to keep the fanboys amused some how, otherwise they'll all just go off and play on their consoles.

Darkiewonder4580d ago

Because he had a "Bag" near his face the whole time.

lol. Is it me or is it the same kids Or every family wants to place the tree on the left side of the house.

I like the 360 story better. made the kids go set up the dish to get a surprise. not a gift in a box like this ;3

Account deleted4580d ago

pulling through the pending shelf, but who knows, enough is the right word, we already have one for the 360 another for ps3, the standard of news quality is getting lower and lower by passing time

@Heaven_Or_Hell you won't stand a chance liquid is gonna terminate your old fool, he can't finish a stage without having some pain in the back.

'liquid' prone to game anytime anywhere

Heaven_Or_Hell4580d ago

LoL make me laugh ^^ bubble for you

Okay I just have Rex, and you have Ray but don't forget this. The evil is always losing from the begining of the era...

Mr_Kuwabara4580d ago

Hehe the three best news of the day...

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The story is too old to be commented.